Highland Congregational Church Vacation Bible School

Rome – Paul and the Underground Church

Starting August 7 to the 11 from 9:00 to 11:15 am

You can pre-register your 4 year old- 5th grader for this program by filling out and printing the registration form bellow and bringing it to HCC before that day or the day of. Please remember that if you bring it before Aug 7, it makes putting groups together much easier. If your child would like to bewith specific friends, cousins, neighbors, or separate from their siblings, preregistering is the way to go!

We have spent this past winter and spring preparing our hearts and our church for this wonderful adventure! It will be exciting to share Jesus’ love with the children that walk through our doors, so please invite family, friends, and neighbors in joining us for the special week. We are certain that God has wonderful plans for each child during the week!

As always, if you have any questions or answers that need to be addressed, please call or email any of the following:

HCC : 248-887-1515
Sarah Empie: (248)756-5055, sarah.empie@gmail.com 
Jenny Tobin: (248)345-2095, jennytobin4@gmail.com


HCC VBS Registration Form – For each child please fill out and print the following form.