HCC supports a a variety of missions spanning the globe, to find more information and help to provide additional support to some of the other missions communicate with our spiritual growth teams.

Missions we support


LHI is a non-profit Christian organization that reaches out to the orphaned children in Zambia who live in poverty due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It has been operating an orphanage located in the town of Ndola since 2008. Thirty-one children, ages 5-18, are given shelter; an education, and most importantly being shown the love of Christ. The vision of LHI is to build Christian communities for orphans in poverty stricken countries, developing future Christian leaders for the glory of God. Their mission is to share the living hope of Jesus Christ by creating communities that provide love, shelter and education for orphaned children who will pass on the hope they have received in their youth to the next generation.

Jamie is the Director of Ministry Operations and serves stateside from home. He and his wife, Kathy, have five children ranging in age from 4-15 yrs. old. Jamie. Kathy, and 15-year-old Megan have been on mission trips to Zambia several times and returned from one this summer with the confirmation from God that he has called them to be a significant part of the ministry of LHI.

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Central Detroit Christian has been a beloved ministry of HCC since they first opened. Starting in 1993 the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a non-profit, faith based organization committed to empowering people, creating positive opportunities for the community and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Their goal is to transform individuals to reach their highest potential while transforming the community to be a place of peace and wholeness.

Detroit has been a racially and economically divided city for decades. Healing this divide takes time, presence, mutual trust, love and prayer. Redistribution of resources to remediate the resource and economic gap is a natural extension of the blessings they have received.

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(A Wycliffe Bible Translators Affiliate)

The Seed Company was launched in 1993 by the former President of Wycliffe USA, Bernie May. Their focus is on linking donors to Bible translation projects where local people are doing Bible translation into their own languages. Their mission is to accelerate the translation of Scripture and impact the people who are without God’s Word through Great Commission partnerships. Their vision is that God’s Word will transform lives in every language in this generation. Their goal is to reach one billion more people in the next 10 years with God’s Word!

Kent is the Seed Company’s Director of Executive Partner Relations in the Western U. S. HCC has been a supporter of Kent and Suzanne for many years as they have served God through their work in Bible translation.

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Vamonos Community Ministries was begun in 1997 by George and Jan Waterman to serve the people of Reynosa, Mexico. Having previously labored as missionaries with World Servants in Mexico, they discerned God’s calling to devote their energies in a different direction of ministry. Their vision soon became a reality as God miraculously provided the beautiful rural land (donated by a Mexican pastor) where Camp Piedra Angular (“’Cornerstone'” in English) is situated.

Today the camp, which is about 15 miles outside of the city of Reynosa. has been completed and provides a meeting place for not only Mexican church groups but also provides a place for the feeding and lodging of American short-term mission teams. The entire construction was financed by the generous donations from American churches and individuals. Vamonos Community Ministries operates totally by faith.

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Randy & Marli Brown’s vision for their ministry became a reality back in November of 2012 when Randy & Marli Ministries became an incorporated 501c3 non-profit ministry. Their mission statement is

“Encouraging fellow believers to make a deeper commitment to God through worship and the Word.”

The three legs of their ministry are: 1. Concerts, 2. ladies Ministries, and 3.  Marriage Seminars. Their vision also includes the further development of these three legs of ministry and the creation of a support system for pastors and their wives. Randy and Marli‘s desire is to challenge the children of God to pursue intimate worship both corporately and privately. Over the years of interacting with numerous church bodies. They have noticed a common thread… the desire to connect with God on an intimate level… and they are passionate about helping Christians realize their capacity for growth in their personal worship.

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Timothy Ministries

Larry Sue Timothy Ministries was officially chartered by Larry and Sue Correll in March of 1996. It was founded as a non-denominational, evangelical mission tool to train pastors, evangelists, and Christian teacher’s in regions and locales that were often unattended to by bigger organizations and denominations. Over the years, churches have been planted and a number of either “portable” or permanent training programs were created that are being used today in countries like England, Belgium, Ireland, Romania, South Africa, Congo, Mexico, and the USA. Larry and Sue have helped train over 2200 workers who are now leading ministries and churches in their own cultures.

Larry and Sue still serve as administrators, fund-raisers, teachers, and counselors for missionaries and Christian workers in N. America, Europe, and Africa. They spend half of each year serving as Geriatric Chaplains and Mission Pastors to a community of 1000 seniors in Tucson, Arizona, in addition to their continuing ministry and travel overseas. The motto of Timothy Ministries is 2 Timothy 2:2.